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Our groups

The Friends of Everton Park have groups to cater for just about everyone’s interest and experience. We host all kinds of planning meetings that you can contribute to. Our meetings are aimed at planning REAL things that WILL happen….so we don’t meet just for the sake of meeting.


The launch of our Heritage Trail, in November 2012, is just one exciting example of how our ideas and enthusiasm have added real interest to the park. Click here to see the launch event (link to video).


So we meet to share ideas and get things done. If you would like to know more and to find out when we regularly meet  then visit our group pages.


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Everton Park has attracted international artists such as Rebecca Chesney. The annual Blue Run in Everton Park, in memory of Joseph Lappin. History and archaeology of Everton Park and the Everton area. MLP_6817 MRL_3669 MRL_6175