I love a barbecue in the summer but how do I buy the right one?

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I love a barbecue in the summer but how do I buy the right one?

I love to BBQ in the summer but it’s really hard to know which one would be best for me. I really prefer a charcoal BBQ but the problem I face is that it takes me nearly an hour to prepare the flame.  at the same time I’m not really a sign of the gas because it’s very similar to cooking in the kitchen and actually the flavour isn’t quite the same.

In this article I intend to go through all the barbecue not really going to improve the summer for you and make those evenings in the garden all the more enjoyable.  I’m going to start with charcoal barbecues and their benefits and negatives. Then I’m going to talk about gas which I’ll be honest I’m biased I don’t really like it. There are some really great benefits and I think that it would be well worth letting you guys know about those too.

Charcoal barbecues

One of the best things about charcoal barbecues is that Smoky flavour that you get in order of your meat after it’s been cooked on a flame for 45 minutes or so. That intense flavour that you experience from a barbecue simply cannot be replicated on a gas cooker. What I love most about the barbecue with charcoal  is the fact that I can go into my backyard and then take some of the logs I have for the fire and just simply start cooking. There’s nothing that gets you in touch with the outdoors such as a barbecue. to think that you can do that in your back garden is quite amazing.

Just for the sake of being balanced it’s worth noting that a charcoal BBQ normally takes me a whole hour to get prepared and this is just sometimes far too inconvenient when I have to work.  I just simply can’t afford to spend an hour making I’m preparing a fire so then have to spend 45 minutes cooking my food. In this modern era we just simply don’t have a lot of time available to us. The only thing I can say about this is what we just simply need to make time or we pick a day where we not working to enjoy the back garden. What could be better than the barbecue would your swimming pool  and the kids running around having a great time.

Gas barbecues

I really don’t like gas barbecues but in the interest of being fair and unbiased in this article I want to go through all of the great benefits of they’ll bring to your home. One of the most exciting things about gas barbecues is the fact that you can just simply open the lid switch it on and go. This is an amazing thing because basically you don’t have to really worry about how long it’s going to take. That means that you could come home from work at the sparrow at the moment and just simply get going.

Apart from the initial cost the gas barbecue is extremely cheap to run because you just keep the gas bottle and just as soon as it’s ready to refill you just head up to the petrol station just  swap your bottle when that’s done.

The other great thing about gas barbecues as they come with a really cool hoods that means that you can just put it down and you won’t have to worry about any Wildlife doing themselves or you any damage to your barbecue.

The best thing about gas barbecue is the ability to regulate the temperature. If you’re using a charcoal BBQ you really have to rely on skill when there’s no amount of judgment that can get you through with not knowing what you’re doing.


In conclusion of charcoal barbecues much bad in the gas barbecue if you have lots of time in your hands if you don’t have lots of time then of course you really need to be looking gas BBQ

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