I need a leaf blower for my patio and pathway

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February 11, 2019

I need a leaf blower for my patio and pathway

Autumn’s really set in and it’s become a real annoyance the leaves are everywhere in my garden. I just can’t keep up with them. I’ve got a rake and a broom but that’s just not doing the job, I really need a leaf blower and vacuum. I’m spending at least 2 hours a day just trying to keep my garden clean. The damage that these leaves will do to my grass if I don’t clean up the garden is considerable. I really don’t want to be stuck for spring and summer when I want to enjoy my garden again.I want to have a nice thick and healthy turf so these of got to be cleaned up.

Leaf blower vacuum decisions

So now it’s time to take a look at leaf blowers and have a think about perhaps purchasing one myself. There’s a lot of advantages to a leaf blower but there’s so many out there I don’t really know where to start. I’m thinking that I’m probably going to end up with an electric one. But I just don’t know should I get a battery version. There’s the possibility as well as getting a petrol version but of course they’re far more expensive and I’m only going to use it for two months of the year. It’s not like I’m a professional landscaper yet or much more than an avid hobbyist.

Leaf blower vacuum?

The other big question I need to ask myself is will I get a leaf blower vacuum or just a leaf blower? I think from my perspective I really want to not have to bother with the rake and have to put things into the compost bin anymore. I’d rather just have a great big sack and empty one at a time. It also helps me to look at the garden being cleared patch by patch and break the job down. That really kind of gives me incentive when I can compartmentalise the work.

I’m thinking I want to spend about 50 quid so in reality it’s going to have to be the electric corded version for me. The petrol versions all startup and around about £80-£100. But it’s not actually the price that bothers me it’s the it’s the thing to look after flammable fuel as well as fuse that come off the thing when I’m actually using it. Then of course you have got to think about the spark plugs and servicing the thing in the winter.

I actually found an incredible leaf blower vacuum on a website called Gardentoolbox.co.uk. The leaf blower vacuum actually at the moment advertising a Von Haus garden leaf blower vacuum for less than £40. It’s amazing because the thing actually combines itself as a vacuum blower but also has the ability to mulch as well. That makes it one of the better machines anyway. But the fact that the things only costs £40 and comes with stunning feedback is quite incredible. I didn’t actually find the leaf blower first I found them through one of their brilliant blog posts on how why leaves turn red in late autumn. It’s a bit of a problem that the power leads only 10 m long, however, I can live with that. If you look at the actual size of the thing it’s very easy to use as well.

I’d like to look at a cordless leaf blower but the problem is if they don’t actually come with a vacuum as well. Because the vacuum requires a fair bit of energy it’s not really ideal for a cordless battery which would be drain too quickly. This leaves you pretty much stranded with the corded electric version. But that said, you’re hardly stranded, it’s just a case of wanting to have that extra functions and needing the power so that’s that really.

I’m pleased with my choice and I’m glad that I’m going to go ahead with it because basically I’m really tired of having to pick up all these leaves in my garden through late autumn. I really hope that the leaf blowers going to change all that and make my life that much more comfortable. If you have any suggestions for clearing the leaves in your garden late autumn stroke winter then I would love to hear them and please do feel free to get in touch with me. I I’d love to hear some other great methods of getting rid of leaves in the garden. I just think that the only one I can see at the moment isn’t electric version. But if you’ve got something else up your sleeve please do let me know!

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