I really want to buy a chain saw but which one?

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February 7, 2019
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I really want to buy a chain saw but which one?

I’m looking to buy a chainsaw about really don’t know which one will be best for me because I’m concerned about what skills are required to use it and will I be able to afford petrol etc. So I’m going to go through all the benefits and negatives in this article, which one would be best for me .I’m only looking at two really there’s a petrol and electric chain saw. There’s nothing else worth talking about really.

Petrol chain saw

The best thing about a petrol chain saw is the ability to just use it anywhere. You really don’t have to worry about a power lead or how you’re going to get to the bottom of the garden. You can just get on with it. A petrol chainsaw has no set up time at all. Another great feature on a petrol chain saw is the power. You have so much power from using a petrol chainsaw because the engine is simply better than that of the electric one.

There are a couple of problems. The big one being when you have to carry around petrol which is dangerous and secondly having more power of course means that you can really hurt yourself. I really like a petrol chainsaw because you really haven’t gone to worry about the set up time.

Electric Chain Saw

Electric chainsaw is really useful in a small garden. The cost of an electric chainsaw is considerably less than the petrol one. When using an electric chainsaw you don’t have to worry about starting the chain saw itself. With a petrol chain saw you can really struggle to get the thing started if you flood it.

The electric chainsaw has plenty of power to cut down little trees in the back garden. You can buy an electric chainsaw from just £30. it’s quite amazing that you can actually buy a motorised tool for just such a small amount of money that we really will save you a lot of time in the garden. One of the best things I can think about an electric chainsaw is just simply turn it on once you’ve got the power set up and you’re ready to go. There is considerably less noise when using an electric chain saw. An electric chainsaw is a good option if you’re on a budget and you haven’t got a lot of work to do at the same time it would be too much effort with a hand saw. This is the perfect use for an electric chainsaw.

When I think about which chain saw I prefer, literally falls down to how much money I have. If I’m going to spend money of course I’m going to go with a petrol chainsaw. This is because a petrol chainsaw is far superior. At the same time, if I’m going with a small budget there’s no doubt I would still have an electric chainsaw because in the situation of a small garden it’s a very useful items to have. especially if you don’t like getting your hands dirty.

When you think about the cost of an electric chainsaw, it’s hard to imagine such a little amount of money can give you some great advantages. It’s the necessary tool to have in the shed even if it only comes out a couple of times a year.

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