What is the best lawnmower for my garden?

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February 7, 2019

What is the best lawnmower for my garden?

Hard to say which is the best lawn mower for your garden because there are so many variables, but the good news in this post we will go through all of the options and scenarios to workout what will be the best for you. Lawn mowers come in all shapes and sizes with difference price tags to go. They start from a small number such as £30 for the very cheapest push mower with no engine up to thousands and thousands for the latest ride on mowers. Most people are not looking for either end of the spectrum but somewhere just around the middle where functionality meets price at the sweet spot. So without further adieu lets get going on all of the case studies.

My garden is a typical 3 bed semi size, what lawn mower do I need?

It’s pretty reasonable to expect that you’ll need a lawn mower right on the middle of the price point. Most owners of three bed semis normally have a reasonable size garden of around 400m2. This is far too much to achieve with a little push mower but at the same time a ride on would be ridiculous. For a start, you probably won’t even fit it through your small gate. The best value for this type of home owner is a small electric or petrol lawn mower. You can normally pickup a Flymo or similar for around £100 or less and a reasonable quality petrol mower for about double that. This will mean that you can cut your lawn in a sensible time without having hassle or difficulties in making the mower come in and out of the garden.

I have a mansion with two acres and I’m considering a ride on lawn mower

If you have a large garden and you’re looking for a ride on lawn mower then it might make sense despite the huge cost involved. There are a lot of benefits to a ride on lawn mower.  They are extremely easy to use and actually quite fun. They also come with collection boxes so you don’t even need to get off of your ride on lawn mower to pick up the grass after. They are not too expensive to run. The most expensive part of owning a ride on lawn mower is the maintenance the fuel itself is actually not too bad. You can cover a really large surface area are in a really short space of time on  a ride on lawn mower.

One of the most annoying things about ride-on lawn mowers is that you need to change the battery sometimes.  apart from that is super cool. Save you a huge amount of time despite the price tag that really worth it

I have a tiny little back garden, what lawn mower should I buy?

If you have a really small back garden the best lawn mower that you can buy would be a small push mower or perhaps even a very very small electric lawn mower. There’s just no point in investing in an expensive lawn mower.  You’re probably better off just to buy a small push mower.

to conclude the best lawn mower is always going to be about how big or small your garden is. There’s not really a set rule, it’s more about what you’re prepared to spend and how comfortable you’d like to be.  Personally, I really like a ride-on mower but it’s just not appropriate for my small garden so I just have a petrol version instead.

Let me know below how it’s benefited you buying your lawn mower. I’d love to hear from you  sometimes we can exchange some ideas as to the best lawn mower for each case study and scenario.

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